Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship


ILM Level 5 Diploma for Leaders and Managers (Embedded)

Ideal for individuals who manage teams and projects and are responsible for achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives as part of their organisation’s strategy. You may be working in the private, public or third sector and in a small, medium or large organisation, specific responsibilities and job titles will vary,

Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship

Benjamin Lodge

ILM Level 3 Diploma for Managers (Embedded)

Ideal for aspiring professionals taking their first step into line management, or those with some experience of managing a team or project to deliver clearly defined outcomes. The level 3 Team leader / supervisor apprenticeship gives you access to a dedicated tutor who will support you to develop your leadership and management styles to better support your team operationally.

Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship

Benjamin Lodge

The level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship is designed for people entering a business administration role. It is applicable to most industries and organisations. It will support you to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to complete a wide variety of business administration related tasks to support the smooth running of a business or department.