Level 2 Barbering Professional

Take the best first step into your barbering career with the Level 2 barbering professional apprenticeship. You will learn and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be a successful barber through a mixture of academy attendance and in-salon development. An apprenticeship is a full-time job with training planned in. You will work a minimum of 30 hours per week and this will include a full 6-hour training day where you will develop your skills on clients in the training salon. This apprenticeship takes between 15-18 months to complete.

Course Overview

Through completion of this apprenticeship standard, you will develop the core barbering knowledge, skills and behaviours required to safely and professionally offer a full range of core barbering services to a commercially viable standard including; creatively cutting and styling men’s hair, designing and shaping facial hair and shaving.  You will develop your barbering skills in a commercial barbering environment, working on real clients to develop the customer service, communication and consultation behaviours essential to offering a high-quality barbering service.  You will work on clients with hands-on support provided by your tutor to develop the core barbering skills required to cut all hair types and lengths. You will be able to prepare clients for services through shampooing and conditioning their hair, sectioning and planning a haircut, clipper work including clipper over comb, blending and fading, cutting with scissors including the creation and following of guidelines to create the core hairstyle shapes utilising club cutting and point cutting. You will also develop your creative cutting skills as part of this apprenticeship, you will be able to combine techniques to create and remove weight and add texture hair where required.   You will develop a thorough knowledge of barbering styling products and be able to style hair using a variety of techniques to create the desired look. Structured theory sessions will provide you with the underpinning knowledge required to select the correct tools, techniques and products required based on your client's hair characteristics.

Application Form

If you are currently in school. Please apply through Get-Into