Student Testimonials

As part of our education team, there is truly nothing more gratifying than receiving outstanding feedback from learners upon completion of their courses. Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of receiving not just one, but three incredible testimonials, and we are eager to share them with you all.

Below, you will find videos featuring three learners who have successfully completed our Level 5 Coaching Professional course

First, Sarah, a private learner, has embarked on her journey by establishing her own coaching business. She encountered coaching during the challenging times of the pandemic, and inspired by the support she received, she decided to pursue coaching to assist others in similar situations.

Next, Joanne has undergone a remarkable transformation, gaining significant confidence and developing a profound passion for coaching throughout the 12-month duration of the course. Joanne’s role involves supporting volunteers to pursue careers within the NHS, and she utilises the coaching skills and knowledge she gained on the programme through formal coaching as well as informal coaching conversations.

Finally, Chris, serving as the organisational development lead for the Bradford District Care Trust, has displayed a keen interest in exploring various coaching models and has thoroughly enjoyed the practical aspects of the learning experience.